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Illustration :

  • Accomplish visual storytelling and production by pencilling, inking, and coloring artwork.

  • Implement technical knowledge of anatomy, perspective, architecture, and design.

  • Control pace and timing while conveying action, drama, and suspense.

  • Utilize dramatic lighting, camera angles, page layout, composition, and scene design.

  • Manipulate character expressions and body language to communicate emotion.

  • Research all types of architecture, transportation, costumes, weapons, and animal life.

  • Consult writers, artists, art directors, and editorial staff to assure quality control.

  • Adapt artistic styles and techniques to suit project.

  • Meet strict deadlines on multiple projects.

  • Design interiors for computer graphic imagery.

  • Draft storyboards for various projects, including film, television, and computer graphics.

  • Design custom graphic designs for various uses, including general types of signage and corporate image.

  • Create and apply texture maps to 3D objects.

Digital :

  • Photoshop

  • Painter

  • 3DStudio Max (texture mapping)

  • Deep Paint



1990 - Present : D.C. Comics, Inc. New York, New York.
Walt Disney Company Orlando, Florida
Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. New York, New York
Western Publishing Racine, Wisconsin
Simon & Schuster New York, New York
Image Comics, Inc. Anaheim, California
Knight Images, Inc. Orlando, Florida
Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. New York, New York
Universal Studios (UIOA) Orlando, Florida
Universal Studios Creative Universal City, California
Watson-Guptill Publications New York, New York
Maryam Dalan Productions Los Angeles, California
CrossGeneration Entertainment Tampa, Florida
Interplay Entertainment Corp. Irvine, California

1989 - 1990 : Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. New York, New York
(Staff Artist)


1986 - 1989 : Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Dover, New Jersey
and Graphic Art
(graduated, 1989)

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